Monday, October 26, 2015

Perky Spot

Years ago when I took Prozac to quit smoking, it made me depressed when I wasn't to begin with. It was awful and I had to stop taking it. I hear that if you don't have depression, the medication has the opposite effect, but if you do have depression, then it perks you up.

It almost has to be the meds, because the last time she burrowed under the blankets to sleep with me and jumped in my lap the same day was at least 2 years ago. She's been so clingy today that Zoey is getting jealous. She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything today.

Right now Spot is pacing like a caged tiger. I know she needs a walk, but the vet said 10 days on the Prozac and I want to give it the full 10 days before I start saying officially that it's helping. I opened the cupboard this morning to get a coffee cup and she would normally hide at anything being opened like that, and this morning she watched me, and came up and sniffed my coffee cup. Sure seems like progress.

It was such an emotional moment that I cleared my schedule just so I could spend the day with her. I can do my errands tomorrow. A headhunter I had emailed my resume to replied with "The client is Microsoft, what is your best and most competitive rate?" and I replied with a number they probably won't like. With no overhead and a meager but steadily growing income from my blogs and a couple small clients, it better be a fantastic offer to take me away from my pooches for any length of time.

I'm having a hard time making up my mind, but the plan is still to get Oregon residency, form my LLC and go out into the Portland metro area, shake some hands and land a couple larger clients. At this point anything resembling full time has to be enticing, which doesn't necessarily mean money for the right job. But I still like the idea of self employment where all my eggs aren't in one basket as the old saying goes.

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