Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pill Time Is Treat Time

The slow decline of their papa, Lenny, a couple years ago caused a weird dynamic in the pack. Lenny was probably on 4 or 5 medications, which all had to be given with treats. But anyone who has ever had more than one dog knows that you can't give treats just to one dog, not even it's a dying dog. Lenny was a pure beast, so pill time was even exciting to him.

So, to this day when one of the pooches, like Spot, is on medication, the entire pack goes into a frenzy when they hear the pill bottles, just like Pavlov's dogs in the famous experiment. I couldn't create more excitement if I tried on purpose. Pill time is treat time!

A year ago, there were some big arguments because I was giving more extravagant treats. I still make no apologies: if you have less than a month to live, you can stay up late and have whatever you want to eat. To me, life is about quality, not quantity, and one of the keys to life is to balance the two.

Treat time now is not stressful time like it was just a year ago. All the doggies are happy and the treats are healthy. I wish that I could disassociate them from pills = treats. Today I tried, but the frenzy was too much, and I caved. They could worse than healthy protein snacks. I guess I should just factor that into our feeding paradigm.

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