Thursday, October 22, 2015

Slight Improvement

Today Spot keeps going over to the piddle pads, but nothing is coming out. I did see her pee, and I can tell she's having a lot of discomfort. She took some cottage cheese OK as a snack earlier today, and she's been lovey, so I know she's not doing too horribly.

We're going to do another round of meds at dinner and another before bedtime, and that's it for the supply of meds. I still don't think we're quite at the point of needing urgent care, but I called a local vet and made an appointment for tomorrow morning.

I told them the whole story of her offspring also having this condition, and that I wanted a regular vet to get on top of everything instead of rushing around between different hospitals, and they agreed. I'm also going to ask them where the starting point for working on her social anxiety is. I fumbled through pronouncing the meds I am giving her, and I could hear the lady nodding--these are common meds that two different vets gave me.

Poor Spot, she's being such a trooper. And at least we can finally have a vet look at her crippling anxiety.

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