Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spot Is Sick Again

This time her symptoms were almost as bad as when I rushed Zoey to the ER. But she's not acting sick like Zoey was, and she took some of the meds fine, so we're waiting until tomorrow to see if she gets better. I was going to take her to the ER earlier when she wouldn't take the meds with peanut butter, but I tried a second time and she took them.

My ex says to be prepared for whatever this is to hit Smokey, too, and I tend to agree. He's 10 years old but otherwise in excellent health. We need to find a regular local vet, so I will probably do that either way. The two different hospitals here took really good care of my pooches, but there's no sense paying double if I don't have to, and we need a regular vet anyway.

So far we've been through about 10 piddle pads this evening, but I'm not taking any chances it's contagious, which is about the only realistic explanation at this point. It definitely has nothing to do with food, since we have been so disciplined the last week or so. We've stuck 100% to the plan.

I had left the truck loaded for our road trip, but we're not going to plan for any trips until this is all figured out. We'll just focus on our health and well being for now. One of my little sisters (I have three) swears we are going to be gym buddies, so we'll see if that pans out. I'm getting to the point in my health and fitness where not going to the gym is starting to hold me back unless I start getting real equipment instead of just weights.

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