Friday, October 23, 2015

Spot's Doc

Spot saw her new vet today. For a dog that normally flips out on strangers, she did great. She barked up a storm in the waiting room and she barked at the nurse, but when the doctor came in, she got calm, which was a great omen for me.

The vet agreed with me on all counts. It's definitely contagious, and it's the same thing you get from drinking the water in Mexico. Right now she's symptom free, so they are doing the labs and will look at what meds she needs tomorrow. The vet is sharp.

The vet also agreed with me about the anxiety meds. I asked if they had doggy Prozac, and the vet said that's exactly what they prescribe. So, Spot has her Prozac once I can find the pill splitter. The vet also recommended a thunder coat. I had just bought a fabric tape measure for collars and harnesses and such, so I'm going to measure her for the thunder coat.

She also said "whatever you're doing with food, keep doing it." Spot is at a perfect weight, which I pretty much already knew because our number one task is getting Spot to eat and eat right. But Spot has some tooth problems and the vet said I should budget for tooth extractions just in case.

We also did a couple vaccinations including one for rabies, which the vet said means the county will call me to register her, which is fine.

We're going to do the Prozac for 10 days, and if it works, and it doesn't affect her liver enzymes, then we're going to keep her on it and start looking at walking her. As I was hoping for, they have lots of resources for behavior issues, including a vet that does nothing but behavioral stuff.

There is no guarantee that she will be a normal dog, but the initial signs are encouraging, and they are ready to try, which I like. So, we're excited and hopeful for the future!

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