Friday, October 30, 2015

Still Cooking Like A Boss

First I boil or bake the potatoes. They usually sit in the fridge all night. Then, I saute the potatoes in olive oil with a little Montreal steak seasoning, diced onion and bell pepper. For the chicken taco meat, I marinade the chicken breast in lime juice, tequila and taco seasoning. Then, the next day I saute it with diced onion and jalepeno pepper. The taco seasoning from the bulk foods isle at my local Winco is first rate.

These are two of what I would consider my signature dishes. Sometimes the leftovers are compatible with each other, like the chicken and potato burritos with fresh grated pepper jack and medium cheddar, with a little salsa on top for good measure. I used to use mostly sharp cheddar, but for certain dishes like this it's too rich and complete overkill.

Hard to see, but there's a big mound of chicken under everything else!
Cooking for one is about the same amount of work as cooking for 6, but I don't want to eat like most single people eat, and doing something half-assed isn't my style, so I might as well enjoy a burrito that was probably cheaper to make than eating Taco Bell. I spent the last 10 years doing all the dishes, too, and I was a dishwasher a million years ago, so whipping up a burrito or two and making the kitchen spotless right afterwards "aint no thing."

Eventually my schedule will get busier and cooking like this may be hard to justify. I still did all the cooking and cleaning even working full time, but it was pushing the bounds of what a human can do, and didn't do wonders for my health. It was unsustainable as they say.

My brother makes all his chicken salads a week in advance every week. It sounds really boring to me, but every inch of him is rippling with muscles, and he even does modeling on the side, so it's hard to justify that kind of logic other than to say "but I don't want to eat a slab of chicken on a slab of greens every night."

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