Monday, October 26, 2015

Ty Time

Ty is the only dog that sleeps with me. Spot would sleep with me, but she's afraid, so she sleeps in the crate where it's safe. Zoey would sleep with me, but by the time I go to bed, she's already in the crate behind Spot, so she's "Spot blocked" from coming out of the crate all night, unless I create a scene and make Spot let her out.

Smokey would sleep with me, but now that I'm living alone, he has the couch all to himself. He likes to sleep with me, but not enough to compete with all the dogs he thinks are sleeping with me.

So, it's mainly just Ty that sleeps with me now. When I get up to use the bathroom, he will crawl out of the blankets and sleep on my pillow until I come back. When we are sleeping, he cuddles up as close as he can get to me, just like his papa. But his papa never waited for me like that.

In the middle of the night when I get up to use the bathroom, when I come back to bed, I'll just sit and pet Ty. If it's light enough, I can always see him smiling. The lady who owned him when he was first away from us loved him more than anything, but she was old school and made him sleep in the crate.

When he first came back to us, it took him longer than we were expecting for him to fit back into the pack. Two years is a long time for a dog to be gone. And then when he did fit back in, he had to compete for attention.

Now we're settled into some kind of groove, and Ty knows his place in the world. He's not the "red-headed step child" he used to be, and I have plenty of "Ty Time" and I even sometimes take him on errands around town now that the weather has gotten cooler. I'm happy for him.

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