Sunday, October 11, 2015

Workout Buddy

Little dogs are fragile, and I'm moving to heavier barbells. So, I'm very careful that little dogs aren't too close to me when I'm working out with weights. When I first started a couple months ago, I was too weak from my medical issues to even curl Zoey. Now I'm curling 4 Zoeys, even with my bad arm. For a while I was looking like the guy from the movie, Lady in The Water, where the guy only lifts weights with one arm. But the left arm eventually complied and now looks almost the same as my right arm.

"What are you doing, Pet?"
The other dogs don't care that I'm working out; there's no food or play or praise. But my honey bunny sees that it's something important to me, so she always watches me from somewhere safe, trying to figure out what I'm doing and why it looks so silly.

Sometimes I'll talk to her, and she strains to understand me, just like my Corgi, Dancer, did years ago. I will say something like "listen very carefully, because I'm saying something really important" and I can see her strain and strain to have her little brain try to understand what I'm saying.

Just like Dancer, it's almost like if she could just think a little harder, then she'd understand.

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