Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Little Halloween Sadness

It dawned on me that this was the first Halloween in almost 20 years that I didn't pass out candy. It's been about that long since I wasn't a homeowner, too. So, it made me a little sad when my brother left and turned off all of his lights. I hadn't really thought about it until I wondered why it was so dark and had that DOH moment.

But as great as it was being in a nice neighborhood and having a whole night full of little kids in their adorable custumes ringing our doorbell, it was also a lot of work and a bit of stress, not to mention expense. Sometimes arguments or drama. The mortgage that comes with the nice house is just the beginning of the expectations society has of homeowners. They don't call it a money pit for nothing. It's more of a contract with society than with the bank.

It was rewarding, and I have no regrets of living that life and having that level of responsibility for so long, but I'm enjoying a little well deserved freedom. My new, single, debt-free life is turning out to be everything I hoped it would be, but sometimes I get a little nostalgic: The fuss over holidays, the decorations, special foods, etc.

But the flip side is nice, too. Just another day on the calendar, and I can watch season 15 of South Park without any fuss. No candy to tempt my diabetes, and no stress on the dogs of having the doorbell rang 100 times in one night. Yeah, I think I've earned a little South Park.

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