Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Broken Stuff

There's a reason I can pretty much fix anything: necessity. I seem to have been born cursed when it comes to vehicles, appliances, electronics, and pretty much anything that can stop working at a bad time. Learning to be handy with a wrench, multimeter or keyboard was the only way to turn my curse into a net positive. Because I can fix everyone's stuff, too.

No sooner did my computer start having problems, then everything else stopped working. The battery in my only 1 year old tablet crapped out. Then Smokey had a couple really bad days and acted out by peeing on the carpet, which my Rug Doctor picked that moment to stop working. So that I would have no doubt the curse still exists, the hot water heater started leaking from a place that makes me think that I might need a new one very soon.

Being a very clean person who has always had a steam cleaner, pee on my carpet is bugging the snot out of me. This isn't the first time I've had to disassemble this stupid Rug Doctor. Last time it took me two days of fussing with the head, making sure I documented it with a post to my fixit blog. This time I took half the main unit apart before I changed my mind an put it back together. Having to disassemble the entire unit just to see if the hose is clogged, is not acceptable in the long term. My big steam cleaners have always been able to handle lots of dog hair and such with little maintenance.

So, I ordered a larger Bissell Steam cleaner from Walmart. I didn't originally want a bulky full size one, but yeah...

Next, I turned my attention to the tablet, and promptly wasted the old battery trying to pry it out with "brute finesse." No problem, I was replacing it. Then, I promptly wasted the new battery with a very stupid mistake. I could probably return it the eBay seller and make a big stink, but it sucks having a conscience since this time it was 100% my fault. I tried to re-solder the wire to the battery, but my soldering iron broke. It went promptly into the trash. It needed to be replaced anyway.

So, I shopped for tablets and didn't find one I liked. I like my Asus. I'll probably order another battery from the same seller. The last one fell apart too easily, but it shouldn't be an issue if I'm not clumsy. The electronics in devices like phones and tablets are so small, it almost takes the steady hands of a surgeon.

I'm scared to look at the hot water heater. It's leaking out the drain plug, and where the plug screws in looks cracked in the photos. It looks like a large crack in the unit they tried to fix.

One good thing about having an awesome camera is that I can crawl under something and a take a photo, then take my time looking at the photo on a big screen instead of upside down with a flashlight. This RV hot water heater can run on propane or 100V, which is cool, but it cost $600 to replace which is ... not cool.

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