Monday, November 30, 2015

Cold Snap

This trailer is so spacious and comfortable, that I sometimes forget that I'm not living in a regular house. It's been getting down into the low 20s at night, and at that temperature, I have to drag my propane tanks to U-Haul about once a week.

There's a hose that feeds my trailer its water, and for the first time so far, it froze solid last night. That's when I notice that this isn't a typical studio apartment, when the toilet won't flush and no water comes out to make coffee with.

I could fill the fresh water tanks and turn on the tank heaters since this is the cold weather version of this Fleetwood model. But having spent the last decade in Spokane, I'm not sure I consider anywhere in Oregon a proper cold place, so I think I'll ride it out. I could use an electric heater, but the central heating in this thing is fantastic. The blower motor runs off 12 volts, so this thing could run off the grid in the arctic with enough propane.

But even with the heater cranked up, Ty still thinks it's too cold for his liking.

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