Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Golden Boy

It's almost easier for me taking a rescue dog, than a well-adjusted dog used to a certain routine. Ty took a lot of time to fit back into the pack he was away from for more than two years. And then the humans had all these life changes, and the poor guy didn't seem to know his place in the world. It didn't help that he had a failed home for a couple months, where he didn't click with his new family. It was a four day drive both times, which made it doubly disappointing.

Then he came back and Smokey pushed him around, Spot didn't want anything to do with him, and Zoey wanted to play with him, but she puts off this crazy energy, and he was scared to play with her. Right before that his papa (who did like him) passed away, and his brother Bear, who he had really bonded with, went with the missus when her and I parted ways. Not easy on the humans, but really not easy on the dogs.

So, it took a while for Ty to find his place. But now he's the Golden Boy. He's healthy like his mommy, energetic like his daddy, and as even tempered as a Labrador, unlike either of his parents. He's happy, confident and loves to play with his sister.

I wish his first human owner had more time with Ty, and I'm obviously sad that he outlived his owner, but I'm happy that the chain of events in this crazy world put him and I back together. I think he was meant to be my dog. And I know millionaires whose dogs don't get well balanced, home cooked meals like mine do, so I'm not sad that he doesn't have another rich owner.

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