Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hunger Games

Lenny spent every day of his life beating other dogs to the treats. Even a week before his passing, with a bad heart, back and knees, he would race across the room if I dropped a piece of food on accident. We could throw a treat to a different dog, and he would still race across the room and somehow beat out one of his offspring to their own treat. We had to give him treats last just to see which treats he ended up with from the others.

Out of his six offspring, Zoey is the only "food beast" of the bunch. We should have named her Katniss. Her papa taught her well, and I've seen some tremendous gymnastic treat grabs from her over the years, What's funny is that Smokey likes food more than her, much more.

But like so many human competitors, Zoey, is more in it for the competition than the pancakes. She will beat the other dogs to a treat even when she doesn't want a treat, in which case she usually gives it to Spot, who guards it for her. Any treats near Spot are out of play, because she's crazy and she bites.

Just like her papa, I have to give her treat last because there's a good chance she will beat Ty or Smokey to theirs. All Smokey does is look at me like "uh, problem here, boss" and wait for a new treat, but if Ty could talk, he would be using terms like "WTF."

And Zoey is totally remorseless. Any animal that's not her mommy is her pet.

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