Thursday, November 5, 2015

If It Moves, Clean It

When I chose to get a small, portable steam cleaner for my new, downsized empire, I chose ... poorly. The little Rug Doctor I had wasn't up to the task even when it worked. Even for a small living space, it meant crawling around on the floor on my knees. Crawling around on the dirty carpet that I'm trying to clean. It still needs to be completely stripped down to figure out why it's not working. It'll be a good project for my fix-it blog someday.

The second I powered the new Bissell on, I knew that I had chosen ... wisely. The people who owned this big travel were total pigs. I've been scrubbing and cleaning this thing since the day I got it a few months ago. I could see that this thing hadn't been properly steam cleaned in years, if ever.

We had a couple Hoover SteamVacs that cost 300 bucks each that I kept alive for 10 years by rebuilding them. I've never owned a Bissell before, and I'm already a fan. It was a sad panda moment spending the 124 bucks for this thing, but it's a happy chappy moment knowing that it's already paid for itself.

This place didn't smell great before I moved the dogs in with an under-powered steam cleaner. I figured that if I kept cleaning, I would someday reach the magical point where it actually smelled good. That moment was about 10 minutes after I finished steam cleaning with the new one.

"Pet, keep that thing away from me!"

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