Saturday, November 7, 2015

It's Good To Have An Oven

My oven probably needs a full day of my attention, if I count finding an air compressor on Craigslist or on sale somewhere. Since I have other higher priority stuff, it could be another few weeks before I even get to it.

But ... I like to cook, and I've been craving ... things. Like au gratin potatoes, and pizza from scratch. I almost ordered a pizza yesterday, but they taste like cardboard compared to one from scratch, with high quality ingredients. As a decent cook, there are plenty of things I can make without an oven, and it's something I could work around as long as I needed to.

A few years ago, my sister and mom both asked for new toaster ovens that were on the larger side. But it's hard to get a feel for the size of something over the Internet. And in my Black Friday omg-ovens-are-half-price fervor, I didn't even notice that they didn't make toast, and were pretty big. I bought them mini-ovens, which they both kept and was in their way.

My sister's oven made it to the cabin which I used to make pizza in the woods. It's her cabin, her oven, so it worked out perfectly. The cabin is a whole different place with kitchen appliances, a wi-fi router and cellular signal booster.

My mom has been pushing me to take hers, but I kept saying "I'm fixing my oven tomorrow." After a bunch of tomorrows, I decided to use it until I fix mine (which uses propane) and use this one as a backup. Once this RV goes on the road, it'll have a generator, and it's nice having electric appliances as a backup. I even swiped the electric hot plate at the cabin that melted the romex and put the cabin without electricity for a week. So, I have a backup mini fridge, oven and hot plate.

Yesterday I made au gratin potatoes, and tonight it's baked Penne for dinner. I told my mom that I hoped I honored my Auntie's memory by making her au gratin potatoes as good as hers, and my mom said "Oh, honey, Auntie used canned potatoes and a canned white sauce as the base for her cheese sauce." Heh, all these years trying to master the cheese sauce.

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