Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lazy Weekend

It's easy to have big dreams and big plans, because dreams are effortless. Even getting what you want isn't necessarily the hard part. It's not that hard to land a job, or make a baby, or even buy a house and cars and a bunch of stuff. It's not hard to take on responsibility and debt. No, the hard part is the day to day juggling all of it.

Not that I would change a single thing, but it's sure nice to have what's probably the first genuinely lazy weekend in more than 20 years. Nothing is broken, and nobody is sick, injured, or grumpy.

The only things vying for my time this weekend are a few little dogs and some leftover baked macaroni I'm trying to finish. An hour of good time management got the house clean, dishes done, banking / bills done.

This is pretty close to the exact spot in life I was aiming for to begin my "empty nest syndrome. " It's not quite how I pictured, but like the old TV episode, every wish from the magic lamp comes with a hidden price. You ask for a million bucks, the Genie gives you a million ducks, and after much reflection, you realize that each duck sells for a dollar, and it's the same thing you asked for, minus all the quacking and PayPal fees. Life is exactly like that.

And so, it's the first really quiet day in the new life that's fairly close to what I wished for. All my ducks are in a row, so to speak, to pick a new path. The only hard part now is deciding what I want. I figure with 4 blogs, several random business ventures, a few small clients, and spamming the whole world with my resume, the right opportunity will present itself, and I will hopefully know it when I see it.

In the meantime, it's nice to have a weekend off.

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