Monday, November 2, 2015

Make The Rain Stop

Zoey doesn't like the rain. She woke me up several times last night to let me know this, in case I didn't already know. She paws my face in my sleep, until I wake up. I'm a heavy sleeper, so it usually takes her scratching my eye or something before I startle awake. At this point I'm normally a little grumpy, so I say something like "WHAT," at which point she just flops over on her back, like "You can't be mad at me because I'm so cute." And she's right, so I lay there half asleep rubbing her belly until I fall asleep, and she wakes me up again.

"You can't be mad at me because I'm adorable."

She's very insistent, almost frantic, like she's saying "Pet! Wake up, Pet, and stop the rain before it murders us! Hurry, Pet, we don't have much time!" and then she calms down once I'm awake. Unlike Spot, my (awake) presence is reassuring to her.

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