Sunday, November 8, 2015

More Cravings

Just a quiet weekend here in the rain. It's been a peaceful weekend other than Zoey pawing my face to wake me up to tell me it's raining. I scolded her and tossed her off the bed, and Ty jumped off, too, and went to snuggle with Smokey. Ty is really sensitive. It makes him the best behaved of the bunch, but he gets upset if another one gets scolded. Where for Zoey, being scolded is the only indication she has that I am not her pet.

Spaghetti and other pasta is good on the stove top, but baked penne is one of my signature dishes, and I can't get it anywhere near as good without being baked. Same with macaroni and cheese; great on the stove top (with the same cheese sauce as the au gratin potatoes) but there's just something about baking it.

What I've done for the last few years is make a batch of ragu sauce (which is just Italian for meat sauce,) make a batch of baked pasta one night, and use the little bit of leftover sauce for a home made pizza the next day. I make a pizza from a half-batch of this recipe dough, which I documented on my outdoor blog.

Italian sausage, but only 3 cheese

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