Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ripple Effect

Dancer was an amazing dog. I could walk with her on the side of a freeway or through a crowded area with screaming kids, and she would stay focused and listen to my commands. The Corgi is a very intelligent breed in general, but Dancer seemed as smart as a human sometimes.

But she had some not-so-great habits, which she passed on to the Chihuahuas. She taught Smokey to hate cats, and she taught Spot to be food aggressive. Smokey has passed the hatred of cats onto the puppies, but luckily the food aggression stopped with Spot.

I still remember my neighbor the doctor knocking on my door and saying "Your dogs got out. I managed to get them back into your back yard, once I realized the little red one was in charge." That would be Dancer. She was also a referee of all play time. The Chihuahuas were allowed to play, but she set a time limit.

It's funny how she's been gone for more than four years and I still see a little of her presence in the Chihuahuas' bad habits.

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