Saturday, November 21, 2015

Safe And Warm

He's getting gray around his eyes and starting to look like a Raccoon
Winter was my favorite time of the year when I worked from home and had a huge house in Spokane. The snow would accumulate on the rooftops and everything just looked like ... Christmas. Most of the neighbors paid crews to put up lights and decorate their houses, but we did all that ourselves. We normally went all out, every year.

But the last few years were a struggle to keep that all up: me not in great health, the kids grown and not having the time to help. The expense was ridiculous. Lots of arguments. And nobody tells you this about a fancy house: it comes with huge expectations from the community and other neighbors.

So, it was grand having all that, but being single with no large empire to run isn't so bad either. I'm all done with my shopping, and I don't own any decorations. I'm starting to remember what it feels like to have a stress free holiday.

The doggies don't know any different. In fact, they seem a little happier. This big RV has a fantastic heater. It operates on propane and 12V, so we could park anywhere and be this warm. I used to keep my house as cold as people could stand since my utility bills were ridiculous.

But now here we are in a cozy living space with an overpowered heater that I've calculated takes about $10 a month to run. I still keep it a little cooler than most people would prefer since I like the cold, and to make up for it, we are going to upgrade our doggy blankets.

I think the little fleece throws we had a million of came from Walmart. I don't remember, so I figured we would try this one from Amazon and see how it stacks up. I basically left everything I owned behind. But in hindsight, yeah, maybe I should have grabbed a few dog blankets. As I upgrade from the random assortment we have now, I figure the old ones will go to the local Goodwill.

So far it's a little different than what I'm used to, but we are cozy, snug and content. Even Smokey seems content, and he's a grumpy old man. It's awesome that I can focus on my dogs. My Zo-Zo is under a blanket right next to me as I type this. Every once in a while she pokes her snout out to detect the temperature, and it's almost like she's saying "Pet, use your tallness and thumbs to turn on that heat thingy."

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