Monday, November 9, 2015

Smokey Is Acting Out

The best I can tell, Smokey is upset at something, and he's still having a pissing contest with his enemy that he outlived. He was neutered at 6 months just like he should've been, and no other males are vying for competition. Ty would probably be dominant in the pack if it wasn't for Smokey being mean, and his mommy and sister being batshit crazy.

Smokey and Lenny started as best friends when they were puppies. But Smokey is a bully. Lenny put up with him for a long time, but he couldn't be neutered because he was already having health issues. Plus, we wanted to breed this special beast, and we didn't want to risk losing him trying to get him neutered, so his balls got to stay on.

One day Smokey was trying to hump Lenny, who was still uncut, and Lenny snapped. From that moment forward, Lenny considered it a fight to the death every single time they met, and we had to keep them separated for what turned out to be almost 3 years. At least they had that much time as friends. Smokey never held a grudge--he's just a bully. But it was personal to Lenny. None of us blamed him with the way Smokey treated him.

Smokey only ever wanted to be an only dog. I think that's what he's still mad about. I don't think it's all the moving around--he never minded that. The others have had issues going from being so sheltered to all the changes, but I think that Smokey's problem is that 4 years later, there's still another dog who wants to share his blanket. The puppies that used to just be annoying to him, are now his competition for pancake time.

From 2011 when they could still be on the same couch

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