Monday, November 23, 2015

Three Squares A Day

Cooking a batch of chicken and long grain rice with vegetables for the dogs, it dawned on me that I didn't eat this well myself as a bachelor. Sure, I often ordered takeout from some really nice restaurants, but it wasn't the same as having home cooked meals. In my young bachelorhood, my attitude was: why do I need home cooked meals when I go to a restaurant where I can have food prepared by someone who's been to culinary school?

It looks good on paper, but in reality, home cooked meals are way better than restaurant food--at least to me. The woman who taught me to cook was a pretty darn good cook herself, and she taught me the value of making your own high quality food.

I could say something corny, like "the secret ingredient is love." But really, the secret ingredient is not cutting any corners or being in a hurry. There's lots of ways a professional chef has to cut corners to get you your food in 20 minutes. The restaurant is under constant pressure to cut costs and use lesser ingredients. I'm under no such constraints.

Also, cooking from scratch is much, much cheaper than eating at restaurants and buying good dog food. The crappy (but tasty to them) Pupparoni was almost as much per pound as bone-in rib eye! For less money, they get pancakes, cottage cheese and boiled eggs as snacks. Certainly I feed the and have money to spare just from the savings of cooking for myself and not eating takeout food.

Their dinner time food is only slightly less than the expensive, grain-free food they were getting before. But it's still the difference between dog food and home cooked meals every night. I personally thought that it was a huge jump from takeout food to home cooked meals, so imagine how happy they are to be getting real food!

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