Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Too Quiet

My new video card finally got here. It's more powerful, and quieter, because it uses a passive heat sink, and there's no fan to wear out. Of course, the heat sink will still get clogged with dust eventually. Since having my computer so loud before I fixed it with a quiet new case fan, I could barely hear it. Now, with the new video card, I can't hear it at all.

Of course, because it's a little quieter, the doggies hear more things on this busy street and bark more, so it's probably a net loss of quiet. At least now my computer won't melt. Which is good, because it's also my TV and entertainment system. I love my little 20 dollar simple amplifier. With that and some decent bookshelf speakers, I get the sound of a thousand dollar sound system for about a hundred bucks and some change, if we count the spool of speaker wire. Someone offered me a nice receiver, but it's one more big heavy thing to carry around. My computer's amp is about the size of a paper back book, if anyone these days remembers what that is...

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