Sunday, December 13, 2015

Chihuahua Blanket Fort

It had been almost 20 years since I bought any kind of linens or blankets or any of that sort of thing. I knew that I liked the smaller throws as dog blankets. I just wasn't finding what I was looking for online or inside stores, until Target put some of these plush fleece throws out. They have the full size blanket versions for only double the price, but I'm already set for human blankets, and the larger ones aren't as good for Chihuahuas.

And boy, these new ones sure are popular. Last week I realized that folding down the dog couch into a full size bed didn't really take up any more floor space, and I added a couple extra new blankets, and booyaa, instant Chihuahua blanket fort!

Above, Ty has claimed the junction where the blankets meet

Of course, because they are just like children, even with enough blankets and bed space for a dozen Chihuahuas, there's still some growling and bickering from time to time. That and Spot has another version of her "Spotblock" where she decides to plop on top of a dog that's under the blankets. At this point whatever dog she's Spotblocked can't leave, or even move for fear of being nipped at through the blanket.

So other than Spot randomly deciding she's a mommy again and none of the puppies can leave the nest, the blanket fort is a big success. Zoey usually sleeps on her own throw inside the crate, but she's been Spotblocked the last couple times. I will hear her whining, at which point there's not much I can do other than calling an impromptu pancake time, at which point Spot forgets that she's a foul tempered monster and lets poor Zoey out. Reaching my hand inside the crate isn't wise.

Smokey is usually at the bottom of one of the blankets and only growls if Ty steps on him. He would never admit it, but I think he likes the extra warmth when Spot picks him to lay on top of. Sometimes they're like an old married couple. He will stretch, and she will growl and nip and him through the blankets, and he'll stretch some more...

Above from a couple weeks ago: Zoey being Spotblocked

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