Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dinner Champ

Spot has been a thorn in my side at dinner time for years. The ex used to just pour kibble on the floor in a fenced off area, since she's food aggressive, scared of dishes and bowls, and is a very picky eater. All attempts to get her to eat from a bowl, plate, paper plate, paper towel, paper bowl--anything, always failed. People would say "if she's hungry enough, she'll eat" but she's too fearful to overcome her fear most of the time, no matter how hungry she is.

Now, she powers it down like a normal dog, licks the bowl. She still has to be fed in a fenced off area, and I still need to mix in something like cottage cheese into her dinner, otherwise she will just pick out the stuff she likes and leave a pile. If I slather her dinner in something with dairy, she will eat it all.

So, with the doggy Prozac, a low profile, beige tone bowl, and mixing a little dairy in, I finally can get her to eat chicken and rice like a normal dog would, which is fast. Tonight was the first time in her life that she finished eating first. She's a dinner time champ!

Now I finally have a complete and comprehensive answer to "If you don't like her being fed on the bare floor, then come up with something better."

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