Friday, December 4, 2015

Doctor Dad

Being married and raising children to adulthood gave me all the skills of a chef, maid, psychologist and combat medic, among other things. Just like my sister the paramedic, I can provide medical assistance with kids screaming, dogs barking, etc.

I didn't know what it was that was coming out the tail end of Zoey, so I probably pulled it too hard. It turned out to be about 8 inches of string! I have this plain, white cotton blanket that's starting to get a little ratty and should probably definitely be retired. And since in the winter they all burrow, I didn't see her trying to eat part of the blanket because she was sneaky.

A few times I've seen animals do this, so it's not my first rodeo pulling something out of a cat or dog. I also had a cat years ago that swallowed about of a quarter of a spool of thread, which I spent several hours pulling out the front end.

What's funny is that I was already out today buying a replacement blanket. We used to have all these plain cotton blankets for when guests came over, but they don't work so well as dog blankets. The throw I bought from Amazon was way too thin, so I started going to stores and holding them in my hand first. 15 bucks seems to be about what I'm looking for costs; a good quality fleece throw without some obnoxious pattern or Spiderman or some other deal breaker, though maybe Ty would like the Spiderman throw. I got a plain grey one and a red one with white snow flakes--the best I could find.

Zoey so far looks good. No red flags like swelling or bleeding, and she was running around wagging her tail and ate her dinner just fine.

It's a game every parent is used to playing, called "guess when my child is sick enough to rush to the ER and pay the $1,000 bill that you know is coming right behind." So far there's no signs that we need to hop in the truck, but doctor dad has the patient under observation.

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