Friday, December 11, 2015

Floating Away

Here in Oregon, we've been getting biblical rain, booming thunder, and even a short power outage. One of the things about living in a large RV is that they are meant to function without external power. All that happens is that my fridge and water heater switch over to propane, and they switch back when power comes back. My UPS can run my desktop computer for about an hour before it gives it a command to gracefully shut down.

This is the craziest rain I've seen in my life, and I've lived in the northwest the last 10 years. My trailer has a couple small leaks, but I must be doing well because almost every one I drive past is covered with giant blue tarps. I have the engineer mentality. I would rather see the leaks, know where they are, and fix them ... if it ever stops raining.

Zoey still thinks we're being attacked, and seems to think that the attack is stronger in the bedroom, but she's getting better about overcoming her fears and sleeping with me. She didn't leave the bed last night, and there were a few instances where I thought we were being attacked, just because it was like being in a hurricane or something.

And Zoey isn't as bossy about waking me up. This morning she just nuzzled me until I woke up. I read somewhere that you don't try to soothe an animal that's scared of thunder or loud noise, because that just reinforces that something is wrong and gives them more anxiety. So, we've been having better luck with me saying "Zo Zo go night night" until she lets out a heavy sigh and goes back to sleep.

There's another interesting dynamic at play, too. Ty's papa, Lenny, used to get upset if I was giving a command to one of his offspring that wasn't listening. So, if I called a dog or told it to bring me a toy, and that dog didn't follow orders, Lenny would come to me, or bring me the toy.

So, it bothers Ty when Zoey doesn't listen, so usually as I'm saying "go night night" for about the third time, he jumps of the bed and goes somewhere else. It was that loyalty that made Lenny such a special dog, and it's gratifying to see that in Ty.

Smokey doesn't care about any of that. When Ty leaves, Smokey takes his warm spot.

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