Sunday, December 27, 2015

Good Pain Or Bad

Good pain or bad. It's been one of the mantras of my new "life 2.0" adventure. The aerobics and weight lifting have been amazing, but I needed to add a few things to my routine, like good cardio and stomach crunches. I figured I would have to buy some tummy cruncher device on Amazon or from Target or something, but after a little research I figured out that I can do them while I'm on the stationary bike: two birds with one stone.

But oh boy, an hour on the stationary bike every day feels the same the next morning at my age as I remember fighting full contact martial arts when I was a teenager. I also was on the track and cross country team, and the last week feels like waking up every day after a track meet or losing a fight.

It's something I forgot as an adult, with the responsibilities of having a family and a job. But the bad pain from neglecting my health to meet deadlines and be in 7 different places at once was much worse than the pain from two half hour sessions a day on the bike or crunches or weights.

Just 6 months ago I couldn't hold a 5 pound weight over my head with my left arm for more than a couple seconds. The messed up thing is that with the nerve impingement, the left arm starts shedding muscle mass pretty much the second I stop using it, so it doubles the effort that I already had to double just for being my age. I have to work 4 times as hard to get the same results as my brother the body builder.

My genius scientist sister was telling me about some "abundant universe theory" that says the people who want something bad enough will always have it as long as they put in the work. Basically the universe rewards hard work, even if the reward isn't always in the form you expected it.

The second mantra "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" is the one I'm having the hard time with, especially being a decent cook. I spent Christmas with my middle sister who seemed fixated on ordering a pizza on a day they don't deliver. So, I made us baked 3 cheese penne. And today she was off work, and we pigged out on a couple pizzas. I definitely need to work on living up to that saying, but it's a good start, and an hour a day on the stationary bike erases more than a few sins.

Good pain or bad is in my mind when I try to have that sprint at the end like we did in cross country-- having a "kick" it was called. I wake up every day feeling like the day after Master Lee said "Mark, you students are undisciplined, come forward and grab my belt, please." But it's the same good pain of a job well done, and it's building a momentum where I can be president of a company.

My brother said that if I'm not walking my 4 dogs in the freezing rain every day, which I'm not, then I should be doing 90 minutes a day total on the bike. Easy for someone 17 years younger than me to say!

Zoey decided she didn't like the stationary bike, but she's changed her mind and now she's focused on figuring out what I'm actually doing and if it's somehow a convoluted test for more treats. Ty just peeks out, sees the bike says "nope" to himself and burrows under the blanket until I'm done.

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