Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hot Water

My hot water heater had sprang a leak. I put of fixing it, and paid for it by having it fail completely. So, no matter what solution I came up with, I was going to be without hot water while I waited a week for the parts I ordered on eBay. The photos showed that it looked like it was cracked around the drain plug. This was either going to cost $5 to fix, or $600 and another week.

It didn't help that we had been getting cold temperatures and a biblical level of rain. I had to boil water for some of the dirtier dishes and wear lots of deodorant. But with temps dropping below freezing at night, the hassle of not having hot water was compounded. Not to mention this rig uses massive quantities of propane for the central heating.

So, cold and wet, I made quick work of it, and my mission was a success! It's a neat trick to go by photos. That way you can take your time looking at something and studying it in detail without standing outside in the rain. But what looked like cracked metal in the original photos turned out to be the cracked plastic from the faulty drain plug. For once, the "let's just see if this 5 dollar part fixes it" turned out beautifully.

And last night, I found the perfect recumbent stationary bike for my cardio. It folds up, which is important, and got good reviews. I had assumed that somewhere like Target or Walmart would be the best place to get one. I found mine at Walmart and checked Amazon just for giggles, and they had it at the same price with Prime shipping. Way easier returns if I don't like it.

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