Saturday, December 19, 2015

Junk In Her Trunk

My honey bunny is losing her girlish figure. She's starting to get junk in her trunk from all those late night pancakes. There's no easy way for a man to tell his girlfriend that she needs to eat less pancakes, but my girlfriend is a dog, so I can just start giving her less. It's actually a good sign, because it's been a struggle to keep all their weights up.

Today was a good birthday, and also the first sunny day of December. I think it's rained every day of December here, so it least it waited until I got home to rain today. Normally I take this time of  year off, but normally that's when all the stress starts. The lights, exterior decorations, decorating the inside, wrapping presents, the tree.

This year I can soak in all the holiday spirit without any of the work or expense. It felt a little strange at first, like I was being a slacker, but now it feels great just focusing on the people and little doggies I love, and not worrying about a strand of lights that stopped working or that Christmas day plumbing disaster.

In fact, I think we'll wait until after the holidays to tell my girlfriend that she needs to go easy on the pancakes, just like I would for a human girlfriend ;-)

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