Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my readers and everyone out there on the vast Interwebs! Regardless of what you believe or celebrate, I hope this has been a good time for you. It's been a great time for me and the four doggies.

The holidays have always been the times where the dogs see the least amount of attention, so it was very gratifying to have a quiet Christmas with just me and my Chihuahuas.

I've decided that this is the perfect point in my life to go all-in on self-employment and if possible, to focus on local and remote work clients and stay here in Hillsboro near my family. I'm just going to keep my head down, keep with my health and fitness, save for a little piece of land, and enjoy my doggies.

Being able to build end-to-end web sites and large systems, the only weak link in the chain for me has been the graphic art. But at some point it dawned on my that three of my siblings have degrees in graphic design and my sister the mathematician does more graphic art than the rest of us, so gee, maybe it's a talent that runs in our talented family.

The new logo came out good, but then my friend took it and added the drop shadows, and booyaa, I have a decent logo. Now there's no part of a web site, back end system, or generic app that I can't build, even if I do still fumble through Adobe Illustrator sometimes.

NorthWeb Technologies!

It even kind of looks like a Christmas ornament. Fitting since that's the day it was designed on.

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