Thursday, December 3, 2015

Missy Miss

Who would have guessed that my little princess, my honey bunny, my tiny jealous girlfriend would get away with far too many shenanigans and have a snitty attitude about it with the others.

I can almost hear Zoey telling the other dogs: "This is my pet, and I have him trained, so back off!"

So, we've been working on that a little. We've started having timeouts and getting tossed onto the floor if she gets growley, bitey or bossy. Since Zoey is possessive and her mommy is crazy (though the Prozac is helping) the poor boys have to walk on eggshells.

Sometimes Ty will jump on my lap and let out a little whine, like he's saying "Uh, sir, sorry to disturb you, sir, but I was wondering if you could use your great power to move my mommy and sister a food to the left in the blanket fort, so there's enough space for me. It's cold, sir, I implore you. Winter is coming, sir."

We're trying now to take the princess down a couple notches.

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