Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pet Daddy

There was a running joke around my house that Zoey considered me her pet. But now that I'm out in the world alone with 4 Chihuahuas, it's not so funny when she doesn't listen to me. She is so smart and stubborn, I figured for sure that she would be hard to train.

She's been a trouper, though. Just like her brother, Tidbit, I was able to see all those milestones of understanding: when she learned that "come here" meant come here, and when she learned that listening to me on the leash when we are out on walk is for her own safety.

Once it dawned on her that I was her guardian and benefactor and not her pet, our relationship changed. I hated to burst her bubble but I have to keep her safe, and she has to listen to me for that to happen.

There must have been hail or something. I had a weird dream of a storm but woke up and it was sunny for the first time in about a month. But Zoey has been at my feet all day, and that only happens when she's pretty sure that we're under attack.

And just like usual, she woke me up, I scolded her, and Ty got upset and left to sleep in the crate.

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