Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Chihuahua Hunger Games

It started with Zoey trying to play with Ty, which made Ty afraid. He went and hid. Then Spot got playful, which made Zoey afraid. So, Spot ran back and forth squeaking the monkey. She just kept spinning and squeaking and throwing the toy monkey in the air, and the mood became contagious.

Soon all three were playing with each other, and running around, with the two girls spinning around. There was running, and squeaking, and jumping, and more squeaking. All but Smokey, who was growing at anyone who came too close. He's a grumpy old man.

If these were four Labradors, the plan to get a large travel trailer would have been an awful plan. But something the size of a studio apartment is perfect with four Chihuahuas. They didn't like the big house anyway, because it was dark and scary. Even the kids thought it was scary at first. So even with a big house, the seven (!) Chihuahuas mostly stayed in the gated off area of the kitchen and family room. We experimented with giving them access to the whole house, and that always turned out badly. Except for little Tidbit who was small enough to squeeze through the bars and roamed the house.

So, a cozy space is the perfect size to hold the Chihuahua version of The Hunger Games. Whatever we're playing, Spot always wins. Somewhere I have an older video of Zoey and Tidbit playing with each other, both spinning around at the same time.

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