Tuesday, December 8, 2015

White Dogs Can't Jump

Ty was the pick of the litter. Within a few days of being put up for adoption, an elderly woman stepped forward, admitting that every minute was the agony of thinking someone else would have him. I knew she was elderly, but I honestly thought they would have much more time together.

When he came back to us, it was clear that his owner didn't allow him up on the furniture. It was funny watching him try to jump up on a couch or bed, and over two years later, it's still funny. Sometimes he forgets how to jump, and it will take him 3 or more tries. Sometimes he'll even stop, turn around, and whine at me like it's my fault.

Usually I won't help him, and all he gets are words of encouragement. He's a great jumper when he doesn't overthink it, though.

He had another owner briefly, before he came back to me again. But I think he still sometimes hears the voice of his first owner, telling him not to jump on anything. They had a special bond, which is why I kept calling him Ty when everyone else reverted back to calling him Scout. Ty is who he is.

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