Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cost Effective

Even though it's a lot more work than I was expecting to make my own dog food, it turns out to be cheaper than I was expecting. There's no sales tax in Oregon, and Winco beats Walmart on pretty much everything, including price.

I figure it's about $25 a month including the vitamin supplement--probably less.I haven't priced bagged dog food lately, but I'm guessing that $25 compares favorably to a decent dry food like Iams, and there's no way Iams is better than chicken and rice with vegetables..

The ingredients are pretty cheap:

6 pack large boneless chicken breasts - $11
Large pack frozen vegetable medley - $1.88
10 pound bag large grain rice - $4.60
3 month supply vitamin supplement - $12.95

Now, one cup of rice, about a third of a bag of veggies, and a large chicken breast make 3 days worth of meals for 4 little dogs.

Of course some of the ingredients end up in my food. I make a mean chicken and rice burrito.

And a loaf of artisan bread costs probably 10 cents. The olive oil I use to grease the pan almost costs more than the rest of the ingredients combined haha.

Ty is ready for his share anytime. He's a team player.

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