Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day Of Rest

My brother let out a big laugh when I told him that everything that hurts is new. Muscles I didn't have a month ago are sore. I even had to take my shirt off to point to a muscle on my shoulder that I didn't recognize. Turns out I have deltoids now, and they are sore.

I spent my whole adult life making excuses for not exercising, but now I only sit a day out like today, where I'm too sore to climb on the bike. Now I just want the process to move along faster than it is.

The last house I owned was covered in mirrors, which we mostly left up after finding out what a 6 foot by 6 foot mirror weighs and how hard they are to work with disposing. I have a big mirror in the RV but there's jackets hanging in front of it. So it's always a surprise when I catch a glimpse of myself and see parts of my body that didn't exist a couple months ago.

Progress feels great, so it's hard to take a pause in my workouts even if taking a day off is better for my progress. My brother says I should take a day off every week, so I'm going to start doing that. It's hard not to see it as an excuse or slacking.

At least I'm in good company on my fitness journey and there's so many people to advise me and so many books to read. I'm dealing with some very common fitness issues like when not to work out and how to burn body fat.

Zoey still wants nothing to do with my workouts. The other dogs just burrow under the blankets so they don't have to see the big scary machine, but Zoey glares at me the whole time like she's saying "I'm not fooled, Pet. You brought that monster here and you can take it away."

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