Monday, January 18, 2016


Zoey really doesn't like the stationary bike. Sometimes she just stands on the floor and stares disapprovingly at my pedaling feet. She'll sit there the whole time I'm on the bike. Every once in a while she will sigh.

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Another rough weekend, hanging it with my family and having to cope with a 3-cheese pizza with leftover steak on it.The steak was left over from a family dinner, and I figure the pizza cost me about two bucks to make.

I made my twice baked potatoes au gratin with bacon for the party last night. The whole plate cost me about 5 bucks to make. As a bachelor the first time around, I would've paid $20 for a full batch of potatoes au gratin, so I've been thinking about a small catering operation. The only way I ended up being able to get food this good the first time around was by having a girlfriend who could cook.  The dishes and pans for everything I make have been scraped clean the last few years, and most of my signature dishes reheat well. My brother buys his meals from a meal delivery place, and I was thinking I could do that, too.

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