Friday, January 15, 2016

Everything Hurts

Today I hit a new fitness milestone: I can curl the same barbells that my brother does for his workouts. And my sister the paramedic was explaining medically today why my workouts need a day of rest once a week. Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my chest just stretching during my day off. I've never had anything this close to this much muscle mass in my chest. Or my arms. Or my legs. Ok maybe my legs during track a million years ago. All these new muscles hurt, but I guess it makes sense since these new muscles were created out of pain.

Maybe someday I'll be like a bodybuilder and feel the pain of my workouts as a pleasurable sensation. But for now it's good enough to have good pain that doesn't hold me back or keep me awake at night, and that's better than the bad kind of pain which it drowns out. I'm starting to think I might even be able to function in the long run without surgery or pain management, both of which I've already been surviving without. They say the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train, but this time I think it actually might be light.

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