Monday, January 18, 2016

Food Lawyer

Ty was away from the pack for two years. When he came back, we didn't want to get too attached to him. Then he went to another home, and came back a couple months later. Even once we accepted that he was our dog, it took him a while to fit in. Chihuahuas have a unique pack structure on a good day.

Now he is all about the rules. Every dog is equal. All dogs get the same amount of the same treats at the same time. Last night, Spot wouldn't eat her dinner in one sitting. Later in the evening I gave her the rest of her dinner bowl, and Ty went crazy.

He kept barking like "two dinners is against the rules! favoritism!"

Lenny was a team player, and Ty is the only one of his six offspring with a sense of justice. And I don't blame him for not wanting to feel like he's excluded in any way from the pack. He's like the little sister with pigtails, keeping everything fair by letting dad know who's breaking the rules. At least that was my sister.

And gotta love Chihuahuas. As I was typing this post just now, Zoey was barking from the bedroom. I walked in there to find her on the bed, hiding behind my street clothes I had left on the bed during my workout. But the covers were bunched up under the clothes, making them poof up a little, and she thought it was a stranger laying on the bed and she was barking at it!

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