Saturday, January 9, 2016

Go Big Or Go Home

As my new life picks up, it's going to be difficult to find the time to cook for me and the doggies. Tonight I made baked 3 cheese penne with fresh minced garlic, Italian sausage, mushrooms and even bacon bits on top. It took two hours, though the last half hour it was in the oven while I was on the bike.

Cooking might as well have been rocket science in my 20s while I was struggling to be a computer programmer. Being disciplined then meant eating at Taco Bell for $2.35 a day. I had a cat. That was the extent of my responsibility. We both ate from cans.

Now it's not only hard to eat fast food, it's hard to eat restaurant food. Things like drinking and going to restaurants is really just something I only do socially now.

I thought all this work to cook for one would be a deal breaker and that I'd be eating sandwiches during my recovery. But it's been the opposite. Not having snacks or easy food has kept my grazing down and thus my weight. If I want something to eat, I need to plan it an hour or two in advance.

And all the food related problems involving the dogs disappeared when I started making a batch of chicken and rice with pancake snacks every few days. Some days making dinner for me and the dogs will take 3-4 hours just because I won't cut corners.

So my business plan keeps my home cooking and adds another blog. For the most part the siblings who nursed me back to health are on board with my business plans. My brother thinks I should have pursued the TV producer who was interested in my outdoor blog. As the kids would say, meh.

My dogs are greedy. They get chicken and rice with vegetables every night and they still watch me cook for myself like it were a concert performance.

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