Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy Warm Winter

The doggies have their own couch here in my travel trailer. It folds into a full size bed without taking up any more floor space, so I decided to keep it folded down most of the time to give the doggies more room for their pack living space.

Central heating in this rig is first rate, except that it burns through propane at a ridiculous rate. There's just no sense spending all that money when I could have a small, efficient space heater, so I picked one up at Target.

Now the space heater points toward the dog bet and crates a little bit, so that whole area stays warm while my bedroom stays cold, which is perfect. It's toasty warm under my fleece blanket where me and Zoey normally sleep, but the other three have their choice of cozy spots to sleep.

It's so warm that Smokey has been sleeping on top of the blanket instead of under it.

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