Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hot and Cold

Breezing through workouts is a sure sign that they're not hard enough. But as I make them harder and get into the zone, I overheat like a fat kid running a marathon. Luckily, it's cold here. Really cold. Stepping outside just after a workout into the high thirties is invigorating. Being hot and cold at the same time feels great.

Spent the day with two of my sisters. I took Ty and he did good. He's a team player. I saw Johnny today, and he looks great. It was probably two years ago where I had a dream--a horrible dream. I don't remember who, but someone in my dream told me about the coming changes in my life, and showed me nightmarish visions in extreme detail. I would lose everything I cared about except for a few of my dogs. The dream was pretty specific about the fate of the cats, too. So, I'm not surprised to be sitting where I am with my kitty in a box on my nightstand.

I don't know what I believe. But having a dream with a specific set of details where every one of them comes true over a two year span makes it hard not to have some sort of beliefs. Every single one of the details came true so far, except one: Johnny cat. I wasn't surprised to find out that he caught the same feline pneumonia as Salem, and like Salem, he was an old man that nobody had thought to give boosters to.

What I was surprised about was that they treated Johnny in time, and he's looking as healthy as I've ever seen him. The dream / premonition / whatever was very clear: when it was over, I would be reborn: happy, healthy and ready to go off into the sunset and have a quiet life, or my version of a quiet life, with a few little dogs, including Zoey.

I've only told a few people this, so it's liberating to write it down. I can spend time second guessing myself what I could have done to stop anything that happened, but like my mom would say, everything happens exactly how it is supposed to happen.

Standing out in the 35 degree cold after my workout tonight, I had another one of those epiphany moments: The dark cloud is gone and the metamorphosis is complete. The stuff I had to get through I got through. I did it. And Johnny got lucky. Even the vet and my sister say he's lucky. They didn't think he was going to make it. It's the second time Johnny has cheated death, and the second time for me, too.

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