Monday, January 11, 2016

Money Is Abundant

My sister wants me to repeat this affirmation out loud every day. It's hard to argue with her as she has an abundance of money. Affirmations are powerful and they work. Since we grew up extremely poor, and since this is my second life, I'm going back to basics.

The main strategy of my life 2.0 is to just stick to the plan, and focus on being so awesome that I create my own force of gravity that pulls what I want into orbit. But you can't just focus on what you want. You have to focus on being worthy of what you want. You have to set the stage to receive what you want. You don't ask the genie for a suitcase of money. That's a trap. You ask the genie to be a good person, and good people don't starve. You ask the genie for a fair shot at what you want, not for more wishes.

So, it's my version of my sister's philosophy. Money is abundant, because it's just an idea, and ideas are abundant.

Zoey does not align with my health and fitness philosophy. She sneers at me every minute I'm on the stationary bike. This photo was taken on the bike with my phone because it was just too funny the way she was looking at me like an irritated girlfriend. One my sisters had a big breakup yesterday. She says her next boyfriend is a little dog.

"Stop your shenanigans, Pet!"

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