Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More Injustice

Ty is pretty sure that since his mommy, Spot, takes twice as long to eat, and since she eats behind a baby gate barrier, that means that Spot is getting twice as much food as everyone else, because that violates the rules of the kingdom. Ty is the rule keeper of the kingdom, so he lets me know if there's a violation of the rules, like his mommy is still eating long after she should have been done.

What Ty doesn't remember is that the baby gate is for his and his sister's own protection. Spot was taking an hour to eat, and no other dog could eat until she finished, which she never seemed to do. Any dog such as Ty who figured that Spot was too far away from a particular food bowl to defend, would find out how fast Spot and run across a room and bite.

One time I picked him up and put him on his mommy's side before she was done, and he whined like "NOOOOO PUT ME BACK PLEASE SIR." So, Chihuahuas are highly intelligent but have a poor long term memory. Hmmm, like their owner.

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