Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Blog: Mark Knows Music

The three things I care about the most are my family and friends, my little dogs and music. I have lots of hobbies I am passionate about like cooking and the outdoors. But I've never been moved by a camp stove or stopped the car to hear about a new recipe. I've never worn a kitchen utensil screen print t-shirt. And it's not links to pocket knives and flashlights that I send the most to family and friends, though I do send those too.

No, it's links to music that people most get from me. So it's only fitting that I start a blog named Mark Knows Music, because most of what I do is listen to and look for new music. I like all genres, but I've been on a folk binge lately. There's so many talented new artists out there. Most of my friends my age seem to be stuck with whatever they listened to in high school. I still like classic rock, but I've heard every Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin song a million times. I want something awesome that I've never heard before, in a genre I don't hear on the radio every day, though they play plenty of this stuff on the radio in Portland.

The time spent looking for music seemed excessive so now I can multi-task and share all the gems I find! And I can point my family and friends to the new site, so I will save on all the time sending people links. Even if it never gets any page views (which it will) then it will still be worth it just to share music with friends.

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