Friday, January 8, 2016

On The Clock

It was six months in bed, barely able to move. Then it was six more months dealing with the emotional, physical and financial disaster that being in bed for six months caused. Then, finally, six months focused primarily on health and fitness.

The mind is only right if the body is right, and the body can only be right if the mind is right. So, when one is not right, both aren't right, and they both seem a million miles away even with a solid foundation. For the people without a solid foundation, that's usually it. I'm lucky, but I've always been lucky.

It was like being in a coma and waking up 10 years later to find everything and everyone in your life gone except for your grownup siblings standing around the bed. I was the successful big brother looking out for my younger siblings. I was supposed to be there for them, but they were there for me.

So now here I am, reborn. It was hard not rushing my recovery, but I didn't. I told myself I would take the right job, but I fulfilled the conditions of my unemployment without the right job presenting itself. The timing of it ending was as perfect as I hoped it would be: with me in top physical condition and free to do anything I wanted to.

My fantasy of being self employed was always plan A. And in the last couple weeks, that fantasy became a detailed plan. Then a more detailed plan.

So, from this point out in my life, I'm not going back to the corporate grind for any amount of money. I'm the president right now of a very small empire, but a viable and sustainable one that's only going to get bigger.

Staring Monday, I'm on the clock. It'll take a week or two to get an Oregon driver's license and form an Oregon corporation, but in the meantime I still might line up some clients. I may just start advertising on Craigslist to build web sites, taking out ads, pushing on my blogs, etc. even before then. I'm going to start small and simple, and then gradually grow the business and land larger, corporate or small business clients. Hire me!

Through it all my dogs have been there for me. I might even get business cards for Zoey. I'm still thinking of a title for her. Maybe Executive Vice President Of Playtime.

"The beatings will continue until morale improves!"

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