Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shiny Coats

Years ago when we got the Corgis, we didn't know what we were doing as far as feeding. We started out with Purina, until a couple people told us to go with Iams. We saw a noticeable difference in their health.

Then, Smokey got allergies, and after a while we figured out it was from the food. So we switched to grain-free and that made all the dogs look healthier. Around this time our vet admitted that our dogs were healthier than hers.

But when all my dogs started getting sick here in Oregon, I started cooking chicken and rice with vegetables and a vitamin supplement for them every day. So far this is the biggest bump yet! Feeding with a grain free diet is the healthiest I've ever seen an animal, until now.

Old man Smokey is frisky now. Ty is probably the second best specimen of a dog I've ever seen, next to his mommy Spot who I can only describe as magnificent. Zoey just has this amazing, shiny coat. It's perfect, and I wonder why more people don't make their own dog food.

DIY dog food is more work to prepare, but that's about the only downside. I can make it for about the same price as Iams if I vary the protein with beef and beans, but I do that anyway. They look a little lean with just chicken.

Another upside is that there's nothing to run out of, and no reason to make special trips to get dog food once or twice a month. Their food is just a few more things on my grocery list.

And of course, dinner time is now fun time. Every meal and snack is real human food which was mostly forbidden before. To say there is enthusiasm for dinner is putting it mildly.

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