Saturday, January 23, 2016

Taking Our Lumps

Yesterday I hit my head getting out of my sister's car, and did a compression injury to my neck. It felt like a lightning bolt hit my left shoulder because of the bad disc in my neck. I screamed, my sister screamed and then went into paramedic mode. Everyone gave me drugs and alcohol. This batch of my brother's beer was almost 9% alcohol I think. I don't remember much of last night, other than I woke up feeling great.

...and immediately took Ty to the doggy ER with this same stomach infection my dogs have been trading with each other the last few months. I had some Metronidazole squirreled away, but used it all treating Ty the last few days. When I ran out, he went back having blood be the only thing coming out of him. I was adamant that they should give me a double batch of meds, and put a note in my chart so I can get it refilled quickly if I need to, which they agreed to.

The vet also agreed that I'm producing the bugs getting my dogs sick in my RV with all the problems I'm having with moisture and mildew. It's not really bad seals causing my problem so much as condensation. My other sister kept saying "tarp that f'er" on the phone but leaks aren't the problem. I need another de-humidifier I think with this record winter. Drive 6 hours south and it's a huge drought. Here in Oregon, everything in the state is wet. The vet thinks the pack is genetically predisposed to this microbe. It makes sense because Smokey hasn't been hit by this, and he's not related to the other three dogs which all had this bug. The ex has Tidbit and Bear, which means they have the same genetic vulnerability. At least they are in Sacramento which is usually 100 degrees and ... not wet.

Ty and I are both sore tonight, but like that line from Goodfellas, we all take a beating once in a while, and my beating came with some vague memories like the movie The Hangover. And I had a good conversation about Labradors today with a cute mom in the vet's office. Ty is a chick magnet, and he hams it up, too. People say "Oh what a cute dog" and Ty straightens up a little. He's a team player.

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