Thursday, January 7, 2016

Team Player

The offspring of Lenny and Spot are all magnificent beasts. They were blessed with superb health and intelligence, but only 2 of 6 got Lenny's ability to listen and obey. Zoey listens but doesn't obey and from what I've heard, her two sisters are about the same. Just today I was holding her up before dinner saying "Zoey, where's the chicken and rice? Where's your dinner?" and she would look around, from the counters to the table and around the room, before finally looking back at me like she was saying "I don't know pet. We were all hoping you knew where dinner was." At least she's making strides in the obeying department.

Now, Ty is a team player just like his daddy was. Lenny wasn't always the best behaved dog, but he was loyal to a fault. Ty is loyal like his papa but also has that regal demeanor of his mommy Spot. When people ask me why I like Chihuahuas so much, their ability to follow orders is not the first thing that comes to mind.

But Ty follows orders. He's like a Chihuahua with the disposition of a Labrador. He's really the perfect dog. His brother Bear is the same way. Bear lives with the other half of our estranged duo. I really miss Bear and Tidbit but it's enough knowing that their safe.

The business is coming along, the workouts are going well, and the dogs are healthy. But they are kind of getting cabin fever from all this rain and cold weather. I ride the stationary bike twice a day but the doggies are getting restless. I might have to start walking them in the cold. I went for a walk with my brother and his Huskies the other night and it was pretty dicey with all the ice, so we'll see.

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